Why are Christians angry with Kurds in northern Syria

Historically, the Kurds, who were in good shape in Damascus, Afrin and Aleppo, have long been treated as second classers, especially in the Jazira region.

Nowadays, the promotion of the Kurds to the middle and upper classes can inevitably shake the change of war.

Discomfort in the post-ISIS peace process becomes more visible. The confiscation of Assyrian-Assyrian and Armenian properties causes great problems.

Christians, especially on the banks of the Khabur River, were forced to leave their villages after ISIS killed many people in 2015.

Opportunists are taking advantage of the absence of their owners and trying to take over these properties with fake documents.

Those who have been extorted cannot make too much noise. At the end of the day, instead of joining the defense forces in a difficult time for leaving the region ‘betrayal’ on the grounds of being accused.

There are also places where autonomous government units occupy ‘from necessity’ or in necessity.
Hadaya Hotel on Vahde Street in Kamisli is one of them. This place is now used as a town hall.

Management is interested but problems are very complicated.

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