Iran Now Uses Centrifuges Approaching Nuclear Weapons

Iran accelerates uranium enrichment

Iran has announced that it will use more modern and faster centrifuges to speed up its uranium enrichment program.

When the US withdraws from the nuclear agreement signed in 2015, Tehran is also giving up its obligations arising from the agreement.

Iranian Atomic Energy Authority spokesman Behruz Kemalvandi announced that they will work with more modern and faster centrifuges.

Kemalvandi, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will continue to cooperate with this new period, said: “IAEA inspectors will not restrict access to facilities,” he said.

Behruz Kemalvandi
Behruz Kemalvandi

Tehran also increases uranium inventory

Iran also raised uranium stocks to 357 kilograms, which was set at 300 kilograms.

In 2015, a nuclear agreement was signed between Germany, Britain, France, Russia, China, the United States and Iran in order to prevent Tehran from producing nuclear weapons.

The United States unilaterally withdrew from the contract in May 2018 and envisaged new economic sanctions on Iran.

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