Dubai 1960s

Dubai 1960s …

Dubai is the city of great changes. Over the years, this city has recreated itself. This process of change still continues. The skyscrapers and flamboyant buildings we saw today did not exist many years ago. These places were only sand and empty land.

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Dubai Airport in 1965
Dubai Airport in 1965, Dubai 1960s

The discovery of oil and gas has changed so much in this region. A new country was built on the desert. This construction process is still going on. Dubai before the discovery of Oil and the current Dubai are two separate worlds.

Tall buildings, wide streets, water pools … It was impossible to see them in the 1950 s Dubai. It was impossible to imagine them in the 1950 s Dubai.

Imagine you’re living in a place with nothing but hot and sand. Imagine that there is only hot and sand in Burj al Arab. Dubai in the 1950s was just like that.

This city created itself from nothing. These buildings were built on sand. This country will continue to develop. According to the past, we live in a completely different Dubai. The future will be very different from today.

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